Monday, March 26, 2007



In business, it's NOT ACCEPTABLE, to JUST DROP IN!!! Seriously! If you have a business need, or are trying to get someone's business, DON'T JUST DROP IN!!! It's very unprofessional, as well as ANNOYING AS HELL!!! I don't use this many CAPITALIZED words very often, so YOU MUST KNOW I'M UPSET!!!

Too many people think it's okay, and even indicates their anxiousness or desire to get something done. IT DOESN'T!!! It only serves to make the person being "dropped in on" angry and WISH you'd NEVER DROP IN AGAIN!!! And further more, it brings on the feeling of wishing, YOU'D DROP DEAD!!!

It's also known as "stopping by" or "just in the neighborhood" or "I'm really annoying so here I am."

Okay, I feel a little betTER!!! Apparently still have a little anger inside...


Blogger kat said...

i totally agree.

i hate people who don't use their turn signals.

3:20 PM


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