Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Birthday Joy!

So for my office treat today, I arranged for three (and sort of four) of my favorite things!!!

Chili's Chips & Salsa
Chili's Boneless Buffalo Wings w/ Ranch
Dunford Chocolate Donuts from Costco
(Diet Coke)

Now, the sublime joy of these treats lasted about 20-30 minutes. Everyone grazed and had a great time laughing and loving the moment. BUT, the problem with now getting older is, that JOY just went straight to my BUTT AND GUT!!! So now I have to ride that little thin-wheeled bike of mine forever just to get rid of those Dunford Abs...

But the moment was wonderful!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!


Blogger kat said...

this post makes me hungry.
hungry for carbs, caffeine, and saturated fat.

now look what you've done.

11:46 AM


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