Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Societal Spacial Awareness

Someday, the term "Societal Spacial Awareness" or SSA, will be understood by all the world. And it will have it's roots with me. And I won't be bashful or modest about it, I will smile broadly and tell everyone to "back up, you're crowding me!"

SSA refers to many different situations. Too many to even list here, but I will give a couple for sake of understanding better what this earth-changing term is:

1 - When shopping at a grocery/warehouse/mall/anywhere, think about more than just yourself. Realize where you're at, what other people are doing there, and GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE WHEN YOU'RE CONTEMPLATING LO-FAT VS. REGULAR!!!

2 - You've waited yourself for several long minutes to get gas at Costco. You've watched people in front of you dilly-dally in getting to their gas and cursed them for their laziness and inconsideration. Then, you get up there, unprepared to pay, pump or think... You turn into that same idiot that went before you. But now you think that you're in the position of power, you seem to lose your memory of 5 minutes before. I CURSE YOU!!!

3 - When loading a plane, you lament the fact that the plane is late, you're going to miss an all important TV show (The Office) and you aren't sure your TIVO is set. Finally the plane is ready to board, and what do you do? YOU STAND IN THE AISLE BLOCKING EVERYONE ELSE WHILE YOU GET OUT YOUR BOOK, PEN, PAPER, ETC... ALL THE WHILE FORGETTING YOUR BRAIN!!!

So you get the idea. It's a simple concept, but one not understood by many, if not most of the world. I plan to change that. It may be grass-roots, or even blockbuster, but I WILL get the point across and make people more aware!!! And if they don't, then I'm hoping to lobby Congress to put into law a bill allowing the culling of people who are Non-SSA people. If that fails (which would be a shame), I'll work to deport them all to a place where they'd fit right in... France.

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Blogger kat said...

here here! (or is it hear hear!... hu.)

i hate inconsiderate people.
i hate canadians.

2:51 PM


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