Monday, June 18, 2007

Oops I Buzzed It Again

As a show of solidarity with my good friend (and by "good friend" I mean, she worships me) Britney Spears, I decided to buzz my head. I wanted to show her that she wasn't alone in this topsy turvy world. It was important for me to show the rest of the world that it's OKAY to buzz one's head.

No I draw the line on my show of solidarity at wearing underwear. I must wear underwear when I wear short shorts. So I guess I'm not as solidare as I thought. And of course, there's the stint in rehab. I did spend a night in Milwaukee, which certainly has to count for some sort of rehab, cause like rehab, why else would you go there? And that tattoo? Well, I think it's fairly common knowledge my fear of needles, so that one goes without saying.

So Britney, I'm with you! Please just don't pierce your nipples, cause that would hurt!!!

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Blogger kat said...

you're gonna look so good in those fake wigs britney's been wearing.

11:25 AM


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