Friday, November 19, 2004

The uClean Store & Well-Built Counter

So I've opened up a retail store. I have a Crazy Brazilian running it and he is fantastic. I think if everyone could have a Crazy Brazilian on their side we'd all be more efficient. So I sell cleaning products and equipment, and even ice melter.

I've got a phone, a fax, a copy machine, and even a real life check-out counter that I built myself. Yes, I built one hell of a check-out counter. My dad would be so proud of me. In fact, I brought him to the store, and hoped he'd be really proud. If a "grunt" or an "uh-huh" means he approves, then I think he REALLY approves. Otherwise he might have had some flem in his throat or was trying to get my attention to look at something else. I didn't see anything else, I was too blinded by the shiny white of the facade of the kick-ass-check-out counter, or too drawn in by the sexy metal top of the well-built-kick-ass-check-out counter.

We've sold some things here and there. We're having 107.5 KENZ doing a week-long promotion, including "Producer" Casey coming to the store to broadcast live. Should be interesting. Hopefully a couple people show up and buy some toilet paper, or windex, or ANYTHING. Maybe they'll be wowed by my metal-top-shiny-white-facade-well-built-kick-ass-check-out counter and refer their friends. Maybe they'll think my website is cool and tell their friends to go to and then they'll buy something.

And then again maybe not. And then the counter pays a visit to the local trash dump.

That would suck.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Hyperlink EVERYTHING!!!

Yeah, so I link everything now! I've got a 5 page WORD document that I have created with all these links. This is where it's at now!

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