Tuesday, January 11, 2005

TAR6 & My Love Life...

I must confess, I have a guilty pleasure. It's the TV show, The Amazing Race. I LOVE this show. If my Tivo isn't set for it I stress all day. The previous season just ended and the couple that won was the ONLY couple that I DIDN'T want to win.

Confession... I sent in an application for The Amazing Race... Yeah, she's (I like to refer to the show as a She, it makes me love her even more) like an ex-girlfriend that you think about a lot, and sometimes wish you're still with, but when you're talking to your friends you say that it's really a good thing she picked someone else other than you... So then when she comes on TV, you sit and try and convince yourself that it's okay, you're better off, and that she was a Bi*%$ to you anyway... But in reality, she dumped you.

So now I'm left jaded, confused, dazed, hurt, and wondering "What could have been...?" We would have been SO good together. She and I would have worn each other well. I mean come on, have you seen my smile?

I guess the good news is, there's another "season" coming. Maybe she'll pick me next time, not that I have filled out the 5 page application again, done the video, and tried to make myself look as good as possible for the picture you have to include.

She had me at Hello...