Friday, May 12, 2006


Throughout our high school careers, there is cool, and then there is WAY COOL!

Here's my brief list of my COOLNESS items from high school:

Tevo's that saw me through everything
Every color (multiple in white) Gap pocket T-shirts
Shorts in plaid, stripes, plain and just about every other cool configuration
EMF "Unbelievable" single tape that I borrowed indefinitely from Adrienne Duschman
A full assortment of bandanas, used to hold in my long hair
Ninja outfit used during the infamous Valley High School Homecoming float raids

but the BEST thing I had, my most defining possession, the thing that made me GREAT, was my beloved, two-tone mustard and brown colored 1981 Chevy shortbed pickup truck. It's looked similar to this:

I really did look SO good rolling on this set of wheels!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

7 Days and 7 Nights

You spend a full week, basking in the joy, the sun, the sheer warmth and peacefulness of the georgeous tropical island destination of Maui, and then the world seems so much more dismal...

All motivation is gone...

I find myself looking at other islands. Fantasizing about them. Looking over my shoulder while surfing the internet making sure no one sees the island pictures I'm looking at. I lie awake at night, imagining myself lying on some beach someplace. Sipping Diet Coke. Taking full advantage of "Vacation Rules" and eating out on Sundays. Consuming foods (ie. Haagen Daas, various chips and dips, etc...) that normally would make you fat, but on vacation only make you more sublimely happy.

Mahalo Maui.

Damn you Maui.