Monday, March 26, 2007



In business, it's NOT ACCEPTABLE, to JUST DROP IN!!! Seriously! If you have a business need, or are trying to get someone's business, DON'T JUST DROP IN!!! It's very unprofessional, as well as ANNOYING AS HELL!!! I don't use this many CAPITALIZED words very often, so YOU MUST KNOW I'M UPSET!!!

Too many people think it's okay, and even indicates their anxiousness or desire to get something done. IT DOESN'T!!! It only serves to make the person being "dropped in on" angry and WISH you'd NEVER DROP IN AGAIN!!! And further more, it brings on the feeling of wishing, YOU'D DROP DEAD!!!

It's also known as "stopping by" or "just in the neighborhood" or "I'm really annoying so here I am."

Okay, I feel a little betTER!!! Apparently still have a little anger inside...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Red Rock Bike Ride

So, first real bike ride of the season was yesterday at Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas. Beautiful day for a ride, going with my friend. He had blown a tube while pumping his tire up, so I gave him my tube. My only extra tube. My only tube that I carry in my pack on my back for when I need a tube, tube. My only tube that is wonderful to have so you don't have to try and patch a flat on the side of the road, tube. You get the idea...

So we start the ride.

Less than 20 seconds into the ride, my "friend" realizes he forgot his gloves, so he wants to go back to the truck. As I start turning around to go back, I hit some gravel, and eat it. I was going about 3 miles an hour at the time, so the only thing really hurt, besides a few scratches and bruises on my left leg, was my manly pride. Which in reality, when you're mounting up for a road bike ride, in tight spandex and a geeky helmet, is already extremely fragile.

I recovered nicely from the spill, using a few choice words to help mend my broken ego (not to mention almost broken iPod), and the ride was back heading in the "right" direction.

Unfortunately that "right" direction was uphill and into the wind. Nice...

Now I'm huffing and puffing up this hill, in my spandex and geeky helmet, and wondering "why do I do this to myself?"

Finally, the legs get going, my butt starts to go numb (a good thing given the sliver that I call a seat) and I'm feeling pretty good. We ride to our turn around spot, 10.77 miles away.

side note - If we had turned right at our "turn around" spot, and driven about 20 miles, we would have been in Pahrump, NV, home of legalized prositution...

So we take a minute, take a drink, and start off again. I'm having a little bit of hard time clipping into my shoes clips, so my friend is a ways ahead of me. At approximately 11.47 miles, I feel an awkward feeling in my rear tire. Besides it being flat, I'm feeling something bumping every rotation. It's only an inch and a half long nail, all the way through my tire and tube...

Now, those of you paying attention, will remember, I no longer have an extra tube...

So, again, after helping my situation greatly by expressing my displeasure with a few choice words, I start walking... Without any pride/ego/manliness. Cause besides my spandex and geeky helmet, now I'm walking beside my bike, in the middle of nowhere. Anyone familiar with biking shoes knows, walking is not a normal looking event when wearing clips on the balls of your feet. Awkward...

And to make things worse, my "friend" (notice the use of the " ") didn't notice my absence behind him for several miles/minutes, only focusing on the road and the Coldplay playing from his new Shuffle.

After what seems like a leap year, my "acquaintence" (notice the use of the word 'acquaintence') returned, with MY tube serving to keep some distance between he and the road. Upon learning of my dilemna, this "person" (notice my use of angry words) took off to go get the truck, leaving me to sit on the side of the road, in my spandex.

At least I got to take off my geeky helmet while waiting for his return.

But, my pride, like my tire, was flat...

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Friday, March 16, 2007


"Billy Idol Gets It, I Don't Know Why She Doesn't Get It"
- Robbie

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I am SO sick of traveling right now... In the last month I've been to New Orleans, LA; Mobile, AL; Los Angeles Twice; and Portland, OR. And now I have to go to L.A., Vegas and Wisconsin in the next three weeks. Unfortunately none of it was for fun. Sure, I had a little fun at each stop. Here's the highlights (and lowlights) of the previous stops:

New Orleans
Highlight - Drove to the airport at 4:00 am while there were tornado's all around. AWESOME lightning!
Lowlight - Walked down Bourbon Street during one of the first days of Mardi Gras. Nasty.

Highlight - Learned what a Po'Boy is and ate a Crab Po'Boy for lunch. Oh, and bought a new shirt at a BR.
Lowlight - Could NOT understand what half of the people were saying to me.

Los Angeles 1
Highlight - Bought a new blazer from BR that has quickly become my favorite and saw Casino Royale for the second time.
Lowlight - Missed an appointment with the largest music publisher in the world when I couldn't find a parking spot.

Los Angeles 2
Highlight - Drove a Dodge Magnum for the first time.
Lowlight - Drove a Dodge Magnum for the first time.

Highlight - Ate a yummy tomato-less guacamole appetizer.
Lowlight - Ate a seriously greasy chimichanga after the yummy appetizer.

I'm really hoping for a Laverne & Shirley moment in Milwaukee!