Saturday, February 11, 2006

Derailing of the Metro

Being a card-carrying metrosexual isn't always designer jeans and argyle v-necks fun.

Sometimes, in the attempt to step out onto that ledge of fashion, one steps just a half a square-toed Sketcher too far and falls. Falls hard and fast. What do you think could cause such a fall from department store grace? Black jeans...

Yes, I dared to go where few fashionistas have gone before, (unless of course you count yourself an 80's rocker or groupie) and slid on my form-fitting, slightly flared bottomed, Banana Republic, purchased on a crazy sale (imagine that) black jeans.

So do you think I just settled for a quick sashay around the block or a visit to a the lightly populated or visited local Quickie-Mart? Oh no! I go straight to the mall. And if visiting the mecca of fashion for Utah County wasn't enough, I visit the can't-leave-without-spending-$100-or-seeing-everyone-you-know hotspot of the state. Yes, you guessed right, Costco.

So now the jeans will go back to their resting spot, high on the shelf below the checkered-wide-leg-bought-on-a-crazy-sale-at-the-Gap pants and the boot-cut-feeling-skinny-when-I-bought-them-on-the-super-markdown-sale white jeans until I forget again everything Stacey and Clinton have spent their Friday nights teaching me and pull them out thinking the Metro has made it back on the track and I'm ready to Rock-n-Roll again!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bored with a TON to Do

So here I sit, with a TON to get done, but not wanting to do any of it.

So I...
... start a really boring blog.
... check out the two peoples blog's that I know.
... click on some of the people from those two people's blogs.
... open up my "Drafts" folder in my e-mail and act like I'm going to finish up a couple important e-mails, only to save them again in "Drafts" and move on.
... stand up and walk around the hallway thinking maybe something amusing will present itself.
... pat myself on the back for taking one of the million pieces of junk off my desk and throwing it away and thinking I've just "cleaned up my office."
... think of more dumb things I've done and keep writing this blog.
... look at the one stock I own that's actually gone up and read the message board for it and get depressed because everyone is pretty gloomy on the stock.
... look on e-bay at stuff so dumb, or useless I can barely control myself from buying it.
... go to and read my horoscope cause I don't have any fortune cookies to tell me what to do today. Here's my horoscope for anyone interested... (Unpredictability is the name of the game now. Fortunately, that's a condition you adore. Does this mean you'll be inspired to be even more impulsive, eager and enthusiastic than usual? It certainly does -- and that could make it tough for you to concentrate, and even tougher for you to sit still long enough to finish up any of the projects you've got going. Give it a shot, though. You never know who might be watching. Your higher-ups, for example?)
... read that Wayne Gretzky's was wife cited in a gambling ring.
... write some more of this blog.
... see how much space I have on my tiny laptop hard drive. Why I do this I don't know, it's not like I'm going to do anything about it.
... look at e-mails again, just to see if something there might motivate me.
... go to the bathroom. Not because I have to, but because I might see something amusing on the way.
... finish this blog.

Sunday, February 05, 2006



Now if I could just meet Elle or Heidi my life would be complete!