Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oops I'm Crying Again...

I have finally crawled out of bed... The black I've been wearing may start coming off. Life may, and stress MAY, go on after all.

But, I'm still trying to understand how a couple so made for each other like Kevin and Britney could get divorced...

Okay, I've stopped crying, so I can continue.

Upon hearing the tragic news, I immediately picked up divorce paperwork to end my own marriage. If Britney and K-Fed can't make it, how can I ever expect to make my marriage work? I mean those two were made for each other, they were soul-mates destined for eternity to look wistfully and longingly in each others eyes as they talked about deep topics like Starbucks coffee.

Much like everyone can remember where they were when Kennedy was assasinated, or the space shuttle blew up; I will always remember sitting at my desk, thinking how life could scarcely get any better than my 17" MacBook Pro, and the bombshell broke over the wires.

I doubt I will ever recover, but I'm taking it one day at a time. It's all I can do. Well, that and drink Diet Coke.