Wednesday, December 29, 2004


So I am just glued to the news reports coming out of South Asia about the Tsunami. First of all I read these reports and see these pictures of mothers or fathers who have lost their children or spouses and it just breaks my heart. I put myself in their position and the thought of not knowing where my child is, or my wife, or parents just kills me. To think of the watery graves of some, or the traumatic deaths of others it just makes me sick.

I've now read everything there is to read about Tsunami's. I have become quite fascinated by them. I've sat on a lot of beaches around the world and I'm not sure I would have recognized what was happening when the water started to recede. Mother Nature is an amazing force!

I wish I could help more. I even thought about being one of those people that goes over to Sri Lanka or Thailand or even Somalia and tries to help out. I have linked my janitorial supply site to the Red Cross raising donations to hopefully help.

My thoughts and prayers are with those Dad's who are missing their children. I can't even imagine.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Boneless Buffalo Wings

I had this fantastic idea to eat boneless buffalo wings and chips and salsa from Chili's at about 11:00 pm last night... Now I can't sleep. Ugh...

When I was 17 I could eat 20 Taco Bell burrito's and soft taco's and a big coke and not only sleep soundly minutes later, but not gain a pound. But now, I eat something spicy and have to have a glass of milk before or after to try and negate somehow the "affects." And of course the whole time I'm eating, I'm thinking, so how long is it going to take to get rid of these extra pounds.

Oh to have that 17 year old metabolism again and that iron-gut. Or to be a goat!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

107.5 The End of Toilet Paper

So the biggest news story of the year has to be the Toilet Paper For Life that I've given away! I can't believe that people still search for anything other than this on the web. Michael Jackson or the Iraq War have nothing up on the giveaway I did for free toilet paper for life. Come on people! Focus on what's important here! I mean is the only company to ever give away that much TP!!!

So I can't believe that anyone is interested in anything else. It just seems crazy!

So now that I've given it all away, do I have anymore customers? A couple. Certainly not a lifetime supply of customers yet, but maybe it will happen soon. The uClean Store has just got to work!

At least I have a Crazy Brazilian! An a lot less Toilet Paper! But I'm still no Paris Hilton...