Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Yes, it's truly worth a three (3) exclamation point title!!! About 10 years ago my parents started the Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt!!! At the time, my siblings and I looked on with no small measure of disgust and embarrasment. Our cynical nature made us think Easter Egg Hunts!!! were only for children. We start in the front of my parents home, walking, nay, sauntering toward the backyard each believing we were going to be finding jelly beans, pink-tinfoil-Hershey Kisses and of course Peeps of assorted colors/hardness/staleness. My sister Angie was the first to find an egg and open it. She exclaimed loud enough for all of us and quite possibly the city of Searchlight, NV to hear, "THERE'S MONEY IN HERE!"

The imprints left by our sneakers/loafers/keds/sandals on the concrete from the instant acceleration was and remains to be pretty impressive. Thousands of years from now archeologists will discover the imprints on the concrete and believe that the discovered and un-earthed Howlett Clan had some sort of catastrophic incident happen necessitating the immediate evacuation of the area.

Now every year the Howlett Clan works out, stretches, trains, and employs the standard psychological warfare against one another, in hopes of finding more eggs and then of course the now famous, GOLDEN EGG!!! (yes, it deserves three exclamation points as well) The Golden Egg!!! contains the Grand Prize of prizes. One year I was lucky enough to come upon the Golden Egg!!! which contained an all-expenses-paid trip to Disneyland!

I can't believe I ever bought into the Easter Bunny thing. That bunny holds NOTHING on my Parents.

And now I've got to go, it's T-Minus 3 days from the Easter Egg Hunt!!! and I've got to workout, stretch, and make a few anonymous threatening phone calls...

Saturday, March 12, 2005


I think I'm having a stroke, or a heart attack. But probably both. I've got a weird headache and I had a little chest pain earlier for a good two to three seconds. I think my body has started complete cardiac/pulmonary shut-down. Whether it's the five gallons of Diet Coke I drink a day or the apple tart I bought from Maverick (SOO good by the way!) earlier that's done me in, I don't know, but I'm very positive I won't be around tomorrow. If I am it's only because of the medicinal values associated with Diet Coke.

I have to say, I've handled injuries or afflictions quite bravely in the past. When I was in 4th grade, the very exciting and quite sexy thing for any really cool 4th grade boy to do was race the bus home. If one hopped the schools back fence, one could run a series of back streets and be standing at the bus stop when the bus went by and act all smug at how you'd beaten everyone else home to the stop. It really was a badge of honor to have done it and I'm sure some day I'll receive some sort of award for the feat... Okay, so one fateful day we (myself, Brad Baker, and one other friend whose name at this time slips my memory) were racing the bus home when I turned to look at a car that was coming up behind us and slipped on some rocks and went head on with a brick mailbox. I was knocked out. My friends dragged me off the road and when I awoke I quickly got back to my feet and finished the race home, even though the bump on my forehead had gotten so large that it had split the skin and was now further out than my nose. But I was brave!

Another of my brave moments came when I had Bell's Palsy. Now I'll save you the hassle of doing a search on the web for it and tell it makes half of your face totally limp. Yes you look like Michael Douglas' dad looks now all the time. It's really sort of a social liability. I had to hold up half of my face all the time so people wouldn't be freaked out, never talk to me again, or just simply laugh their butts off! But throughout it all, I was truly very brave!

I only share these two experiences (two of MANY I assure you!) to let you know that when I report I'm dying of a stroke and heart attack I must be telling the truth and not be suffering from a case of hypochondriac-itis. Cause I'm tough!

If I'm alive tomorrow or not severely disabled I'll report how my bravery and desire to not succomb to the effects of the stroke and heart attack pulled me through. Maybe I'll write a book about my harrowing experience and inspire millions, nay, BILLIONS with my bravey, humility, and perseverence!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

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Sunday, March 06, 2005


Lately I've been so tired all the time. Maybe I've got "mono" or something. I just feel like I can't hardly get up in the morning and hate to go to bed at night since it just seems to start it all again...

I'm ready for a fresh start. Maybe Cayman, maybe St. Lucia, or even Vegas is sounding good. Something different.

It's not lack of sleep either...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

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