Tuesday, July 25, 2006


For some unknown, but understandable (if your brain functions, or should I say, doesn't function the way mine does) reason, I was wondering today where the term "BLOG" came from, since now anyone who's anyone "BLOGS."

I mean, I know WHERE it came from, but WHY did it end up being a "BLOG"? Was "WEBL" considered? Was "EBLO" tossed around by the "Powers that Be?" (little shout out to Kat) What about "WEBLO"? I'm guessing the ACLU or some other constantly offended party thought that sounded a little too close to the Webelos group, which is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, which of course, doesn't allow gays in their midst. So I'm guessing that one was just eliminated be based on the rough affiliation with a private group that dictates who can and who can't be a member of their association... Or, it was just eliminated for the obvious "WE BLOW" connotation...

I am a fan of the WEBL. Anyone who's anyone recognizes the "Weebles Wobble But They Won't Fall Down," toys and jingle from the 80's/90's. I would like to think my thoughts, commonly referred to as a BLOG, can wobble, but they won't fall down.

Thanks for reading my WEBL!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

At the Cliff's Edge

How often do you find yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump, wondering, what are the consequences of this jump? It's not like you're necessarily jumping onto a brick walkway, it might be jello, or water, or marshmallows. But either way, it's still a jump. It's still a leap of faith. What if you land wrong? What if you hit a bird or a branch or another opportunity on the way down? What if when you get down there, it's nothing what you expected? What you thought were going to be marshmallow's, actually turn out to be terribly uncomfortable pillows? What if the water's too cold, or too hot? What if the jello has little carrot pieces in it?

And what if the marshmallow's or water or jello really turns out to be a brick walkway painted to look like those soft landings?

Once you step out, feel your body start to drop, it's too late to know. Just brace for the landing and hope for the best.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lance "One-Ball" Armstrong

From birth until death, every boy/man is very proud of his MANHOOD.

An integral part of that manhood is something/s often referred to as: Berries, The Twins, The Boys, Mankins, Manlings, Knick-Knacks, Cookies, Nuts, Balls, Yin and Yang, and my personal favorite, Sonny and Cher.

So how is it, that the MAN of all MEN right now, Mr. Lance Armstrong (notice the "Mister" part, it seems only appropriate as a sign of respect) is a: Uni, The Strong One, Lonely Nut, One Left Standing, The Village Nut, Room Available, I Have Ball, Single and Loving It, The One, The Only Nut Around, and again my favorite, Singular Sensation?

It just seems unfair to those of us who've worked our whole childhood/puberty/manhood defending our right and possession of TWO, to be undermined by a ONE!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Complete Utter Blockage...

Things are seriously blocked up. Can't pass anything and everything seems to just be held in there without any release. It's such an uncomfortable, awkward, painful, and depressing feeling.

I wish there was something like Ex-Lax for brains, cause anything creative/fun/interesting/funny/etc is WAY BLOCKED UP!!!