Sunday, July 20, 2008

Embarassing Moment # 589

On Friday, we were doing a video shoot at the UVU campus. I had a meeting first thing that morning, so I wore some jeans instead of wearing shorts like I wanted to. But I brought some shorts and flip-flops to put on after the meeting was over. (side note - as it turned out, the other two people attending my meeting were in shorts... Of course...)

So I went to my truck with the intention of changing into my shorts. My truck is a four-door truck, so after giving a brief look-around, opening both front and back doors for the little "dressing room" effect, I started to drop my jeans. I had one leg out and was bending over and twisting a little and out of the corner of my eye I saw something that made me wish I had disappearing skills. There was a man and woman in the car right next to me... My butt was about 12 inches from the woman's window. They were both dying laughing...

I didn't know whether to try and hurry and get my pants back on or go on and get my shorts on. It was probably sixes as far as time goes, so I hurried and got my shorts on, gave them a little wave and that "sorry about that" look and hurried off...

Until the next EM...

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pood Court

Today I was in a meeting, and using my mad white board skills, I was drawing a map of the UVU campus for the group. My "F" looked like a "P" in "Food Court."

I checked my zipper/nose/cheek/chin/hair/shirt/etc to see why everyone was laughing.

Come to find out it was just junior high humor. I laughed too, cause that junior high stuff is FUNNY!