Monday, April 07, 2008

Missing Sports Center

Been a long time since I've watched Sports Center. Need to catch up on it!


I've really come to hate Mondays. I know that sounds very cliche, and I recognize that it's fairly unoriginal. But I think I've proven myself to be one that isn't afraid to try different things. I tried tomatoes, still hate them. I tried snowboarding, ended up loving it. I tried more Italian food, and found a couple things I enjoy. I tried reading the Stephanie Meyer books, and realize they are for women.

As I said, I've given Monday many opportunities to prove itself to me. I've gone so far as to try and encourage others to enjoy Mondays thinking it might help me to enjoy them more.

It's snowing this morning. The drive into work that should be 20 minutes, took 45. I've got annoying issues I have to deal with already this morning.

So, I've come to the conclusion Monday's actually do suck*. They would be better off not existing, and I would be better off staying in bed on such mornings.

* Monday Night Football is the exception to this whole blog.

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