Monday, June 16, 2008

Moved & Trees

If you don't know by now, I've moved to Highland. Not "the Highlands", cause I think that's either in Scotland or it's a show on the WB. It's Highland, UT.

We moved here because we wanted a new home, a bigger lot and a new surrounding. We've loved it so far. It's a great neighborhood, great school for Jacob (yes, he was in kindergarten this last year) and overall it's been great.

A quick note about the "wind". I use the quotation marks because, well, "wind" doesn't nearly do justice the hurricane force winds we get out here sometimes. It was bad through the winter and spring, but the summer has been wonderful. Keeping my fingers crossed it will stay that way.

This spring, I was wanting to get the yard going. I hired a landscaper (quick shout-out to Dave Prina with Hilltop Landscaping) and got the process rolling. After a bit of deliberation and brainstorming, it was decided to plant a few trees.... Few=180 trees... No, that was not a typo, not a mistake. We planted 180 trees around my whole lot (it's a big lot!). I have now completely done my part to stem the whole "green-house gases" problem. I am exempt for the rest of my life. I can drive a Hummer or tank and no one can say I haven't done something to help save the planet.

I also planted a garden... Not going so well... Although, I did pick a banana pepper tonight, take a bite and then head into the house to grab a drink to dampen the fire in my mouth. Well, in my moment of excitement having "lived off the land", I went to adjust my contact in my eye... With the hand that had pepper juice on it... My eye looked like I'd had someone kick my butt. Not one of my finer moments. Yes I scored high on the ACT, but that doesn't mean I'm always smart...

Finally, you will find me buying a riding mower in the coming weeks. Cause mowing a half acres worth of grass SUCKS!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maui & Blue Steel

For the third year in a row, we went to Maui with the whole family. The big banyan tree in Lahaina has the same birthday as Jacob!

Swim, eat, scuba dive, sleep, read, eat, swim, drive around, and just generally relax.

But the best thing about the whole trip was Jacob's first real modeling moment. Please see the attached photo for his "Blue Steel!"

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